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The Perks of Being an Only Child



I am writing to you to let you know that I FORBID you to ever have a child that isn't me. Under no circumstances will I allow you to reproduce ever again. Everything is currently all about me, and it better stay that way. I do not want to share my toys, my clothes, my bedroom, or the perks of being the only non-working person to benefit from your hard-earned income.



With warm regards and all my selfish love.



p.s. The only thing I would possibly consider accepting would be an identical twin.



Okay, but for realzies, I am an only child, and have loved every second of it. I get personally offended when people tell parents it’s “unfair” to only have one child or that being the only kid in a home necessarily means a boring childhood. Granted, I grew up in the most exciting city in the universe (New York), so I didn't an excuse to be "bored", but ultimately, being an only child has truly shaped who I am and I am grateful for it. Here's why...



Only Children Are Totally Cool with Being Alone



Having spent a good deal of time by myself in my room as a child, I am used to those moments when there’s no one around and there’s no cell-phone service, because…are we ever really alone anymore? I always found ways to entertain myself from reading to playing my Gameboy to thinking about how I would booby trap my apartment if it ever got burgled, Home Alone 2 style. 



I spent hours writing, drawing, day-dreaming about Robert Pattinson*—I generated hours of wholesome* entertainment, all inside my head. As a Grown, I’m not afraid to go to the bathroom without my girlfriends (I never understood the need for a chaperone) or even go out for lunch by myself, and I think I’m better for it.



Only Children Have the Ability to Speak to Adults



Of course I did all the normal kid-things like go to school, play in the playground, and take gymnastics class, but most of my time growing up was spent around adults. This has helped me throughout my life.



Only Children Are Not Afraid to Ask for Things They Want



Look, I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely spoiled, and I’m very used to getting what I want.


It would never occur to me not to ask for a spot in someone’s comedy show, a raise at work, or my friend’s leftover french fries. Because, what do I have to lose by asking?



Only Children Obviously Don't Have Any Sibling Rivalry



I mean I’m sure the love between siblings is something I’ve missed out on and will never understand, but I’ve also seen some intense fights between my friends and their brothers and sisters, *geeze*… that’s some scary stuff, there.





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